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 We have a full spectrum of automated Structural Steel equipment that assures precision metal fabrication and timely delivery for any size job. FICEP A162T Our new FICEP CNC Angle line provides you with state of the art processing of Angles and Flat Bars. This equipment gives us the capability to efficiently transform stock material into finished parts in one CNC controlled operation. The design of this machine also allows us to manufacture close tolerance parts in order to consistently meet or exceed your expectations.
 Details: The Ficep CNC angle line solution gives you the opportunity to not only process angle but also channels and flats! The Ficep angle line systems typically eliminates the manual layout and automates the production of holes, notches, part marking and cutting of the finished part to length! The A162 Ficep angle line offers the following capabilities: Punching Drilling Shearing Programmable Miter Shearing of Flats Programmable Notching and Marking This type of automation enables us to process, in the most efficient manner, these miscellaneous shapes by going from stock length material to finished parts in one automated CNC operation. The Ficep A162 system typically eliminate the manual layout and automates material handling, production of holes, notches, part marking and cutting the finished part to length! The Ficep A162 of CNC controlled angle line offers measuring with rack and pinion drives for the ultimate in accuracy. The roller feed system has the capacity to process shorter parts, as small as 2” long, as well as longer parts up to long as 40’ lg. Such parts are employed in those applications such as tower fabrication where the accuracy requirement for longer parts is of extreme importance. The automated controls of the Ficep A162 angle Line are based upon a Windows based CNC control which is provided with the ability to process materials directly from electronic data files via computer network directly from our 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) software.

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