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Elements like line, shape, color and texture do not exist in isolation on a building. They are combined to make formal compositions in an architectural design, creating pattern, rhythm, symmetry, balance, contrast, proportion, theme, and unity. It is important that the variety of elements used for a building blend together well so that the design appears unified. As we scan architecture we look for these patterns to materialize. METAL AWNINGS & METAL CANOPIES  Custom Made, our Canopies have maximum curb appeal. Marquee or Overhead Entrance Canopies easily make signature visual and architectural statements typically providing a lot of architectural “look” for the dollar.  Functional Balconies and Juliet Balconies Architecturally correct main entry porches and portico Metal Arbors & Pergolas
LANDSCAPE “ GREEN FENCING & GREEN WALLS” The term “Green Wall” is used to describe vegetated vertical surfaces. In an Urban Environment, Special fencing products can be installed to facilitate plant life to propagate into an living fence. The system provides natural shade , privacy , and natural beauty. All while also helping our environment. EXAMPLES OF GREEN FENCING  Freestanding Trellis Fence Modular, Wall Hung Trellis Panels Nature style dividers & Partitions Living Canopies Make use of the designs to function as a landscape screen for creating spaces, privacy or accenting your landscape and can cost effectively be customized for restaurants, patios, pool decks, shopping centers, balconies, entries, rooftop gardens…and any area where you want to add a vertical flowering display.

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