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 Welding is considered part of fabrication. It’s the process of joining materials by melting and cooling filler material between work pieces. At Orsolini’s we think of it as an important and essential skill. We can weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel®, and all exotic metals. Effortless and seamless best describes our welding talent. We have the best MIG, TIG, , STICK and SMAW welders on our team. What do you need welded. 1) WHAT IS METAL INERT GAS WELDING? (MIG). This a process that uses a wire spool to feed wire to the joint and has a bottle of gas that flows from the machine to the welding handle to protect the weld from the air around it.
 2) WHAT IS TUNGSTEN ARC WELDING? (TIG). This a torch that has a gas flowing through it with a non consumable rod made of tungsten that heats the metal and the filler metal is held in the other hand and manually added when needed. 3) WHAT IS SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING? ( also called STICK or SMAW welding) This welding uses a rod called an electrode that has a powder coating (technically a flux) on it. It burns or melts to create a shield from oxygen. Some rods have filler metal added to the coating to speed up the welding process. ****Almost any metal can be welded depending on the process and conditions. Please feel free to call us at 773-722-9855 and discuss your project.

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