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 Orsolini Fabrication’s specialize in providing a large selection of products to support your wireless infrastructure. Over the past two decades the growth of the cellular marketplace has expanded exponentially. Orsolini Fabrications has been deeply involved in building the infrastructure that supports the devices we all use every day. Throughout the Urban landscape, Residing on rooftops, water tanks, Transmission towers and even Church Steeples you will find the necessary equipment to make your smart phone work. We have fabricated & installed hundreds of site steel products for monopoles,
lattice and guyed towers, in addition to rooftop/wall mounts, coax support & protection and equipment platforms. Our assemblies play a major role in the function of the entire Chicago land’s & Midwest’s Communications infrastructure. We are part of a network of contractors who have developed in this relatively new market and have had an opportunity to help us grow our future. We are Proud and grateful to have had an important role in the development of this technology.

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